Melinda deKay, born, raised, and schooled in Los Angeles, has been performing for over 50 years, recently returning to her hometown after establishing herself as a very respected actor in the Houston regional area. Throughout the years she has been typically cast as a "character" actor being versatile in creating many memorable stage roles including Bodey in Tennessee Williams' "A Lovely Sunday At Creve Coeur", Catherine in Paul Zindel's "And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little", Suits also in Mr. Zindel's "Ladies at the Alamo", Julia in Maria Irene Fornes' "Fefu & Her Friends", Golde in the legendary "Fiddler On The Roof", Lady Macbeth, Rose in Tom Topar's "Nuts", Barbara in the world premiere of John Dubel's "Windchimes", Coeurage Theatre Company's production of Tennessee Williams' "Vieux Carre" as Mrs. Wire, portraying Kathy in Darren Lynn Bousman's "The Tension Experience: Ascension". In addition to Just Fix It Productions' (JFI) CreepLA and Amazon's 2017 production of "LORE", the JFI's productions "AWAKE" and HAUS of Creep”, she has had the immense privilege to portray Mrs. Rosemary Willows for the last three years in "THE WILLOWS", also produced by JFI.

The latest feature film is "Ashes" directed by Barry Jay, in which she plays the pivotal character of the film. Preceded by the feature film "Dolls" directed by Cuyle Carvin. Both of these films were released on all platforms in July, 2019. Her leading role of Clarelle, in the feature film "Dysfunktion" was released in September of 2016 on all platforms, directed by Imagen Award nominee Ryan LeMasters and written and produced by Golden Palm Award nominee David Bianchi. Some of her other feature film credits include the 2011 SXSW Award winning film, "Natural Selection" directed by Robbie Pickering, "Jeffie Was Here" directed by Todd Edwards, the lovely family film, "Angel Dog" directed by Robin Nations, and the recently released feature film "Reset" directed by Paul Bojack has her in the supporting role of Sheila.

Her recent solo award-winning short film, "Torment", directed by Luciana Caplan, gathered steam on the 2018-19 festival circuit, garnering Melinda awards for Best Actress in addition to directorial and technical awards. Other recent projects have been "The Fortune Teller", directed by David Ferino, "Easy 8", directed by Ernie Gilbert, and "Take What You Want" directed by Izzy Ezagui. And in post, is "ROAM" directed David Jung.

Her recent roles for episodic fare, television and internet, are the Sandy Yu's Webseries "Miss Guidance"," Bea's Bakery" directed by Michele Martin-Gossett, and "Spent Saints: Grams", based on the stories by Brian Jabas Smith which is now released on all platforms.